Bulkypix is offering iOS users yet another chance to blast extraterrestrials into gooey bits via its upcoming shooter Soldier vs Aliens.

As is often the case with sci-fi space beasties, the titular monsters are primarily interested in laying eggs and killing all humans.

It's your job, then, as a bad-ass mercenary marine to halt the slavering swarm in its tracks.

You'll have a total of nine upgradable weapons to unlock and sample, and seven armour variants to keep those xenomorph claws at bay.

Not on my watch

As well as blasting through 50 levels spread over nine worlds in Campaign mode, you will be able to dive into Survival mode and put your stamina to the test.

Featuring character designs that seem to draw on everything from Warhammer 40K to Studio Ghibli's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Soldier vs Aliens will be invading your iPhone and iPad on September 13th.