A rather strange Twitter account that has only ten tweets to its name has leaked what are purportedly images of Nokia's Windows Phone 8-powered 820 and 920 Lumia PureView smartphones.

As you can see from the images below, both phones look remarkably similar to the current-gen Lumia models, which is no bad thing at all. Nokia's Lumia blowers are some of the best-looking handsets on the market, after all.

The Lumia 820 apparently packs a 4.3-inch touch-enabled display and will likely be Nokia's mid-range Lumia device. Little else, such as price or availability is known about it, but the purported leaked images show that it sports Carl Zeiss optics, which is hardly surprising.

The 920, on the other hand, will likely be Nokia's flagship Lumia smartphone. It will reportedly feature the Finnish company's PureView technology and pack a slightly larger 4.5-inch screen.

It's believed that both of these phones will be officially unveiled at an upcoming event on September 6th.