If you're going to call your game Supermagical, you'd better have the chops to back it up. Otherwise, a lot of people are going to be mildly disappointed - or, at the very least, reviewers will comment negatively on the title of your creation.

Unfortunately, Supermagical isn't super or magical. It's not a terrible game, but it fails to enchant, relying on recycled mechanics and a twee setting that just don't cast a strong enough spell to really entertain.


The game casts you as a clumsy witch who inadvertently releases her seven evil sisters from another dimension and then sets out to put them back there. The game that follows is a sort of less interesting Puzzle Bobble.

The same transdimensional accident also releases blob creatures that you can only defeat by forcibly clumping them into groups of three or more. Armed with your magical gem cannon, you travel through the world making the colourful nuisances disappear.

As you work your way through the different, slightly uninspired levels, you free the special magi who were trapped when your spell backfired. They add their powers to your own, granting different abilities that help you to clear the screen of blobs.

Puzzled looks

You can spend coins dropped by critters on potions and ingredients that give you different bonuses and power-ups, and you can use candies to change the colour of the next blast from your cannon.

There are different styles of level, but all of them have the same basic screen-clearing goal. Some limit the number of shots you have, others throw in rocks and bombs to make you think carefully about where to shoot next and which Magi's power to use.

There's nothing mechanically wrong with Supermagical. The problem is, it's deafeningly mediocre. Everything here's been done before, and a heavy emphasis on in-app purchases -which let you top up your coins to buy the best spells and candies - seems to go against the skill-based core of the puzzle genre.

Everything is too simple, too saccharine, and not entertaining enough to really bewitch you for longer than a few minutes.