Do you hear that sound? Why, yes, it's the murmur of Japanese bullet-hell blasters drifting over from the East, ready to lull you into a false sense of security and then destroy your gaming ego in one fell swoop.

Having been out in Japan for a while, Espgaluda II and DoDonPachi Resurrection are now available on Android worldwide... and in English. Yay!

Espgaluda II is all about dancing through carefully constructed patterns of bullets, with only your finger separating you from a huge sense of accomplishment and utter annihilation.

What sets this game apart from the hundreds of other bullet-hell shooters out there is the "Awakened" power-up, which slows down time but stops your movement. The longer you can stay Awakened without getting hit, the higher your score multiplayer will go.

If you want a fuller explanation on what the game is all about, check out our iPad review, in which we call it "one of the best shooters on the App Store".

I Am the Resurrection

Meanwhile, DoDonPachi Resurrection focuses more on dodging hordes of bullets and staying alive without the gimmicks - pure and simple bullet-hell.

Both Espgaluda II [buy] and DoDonPachi Resurrection [buy] are available from Google Play right now for £3.99. That means they're both cheaper than their Japanese counterparts - result!

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