What do baseball, rock 'n' roll, and the WWE have in common?

Nope? Give up? God, this is too easy.

Well, each of these fine cultural institutions has its own official Hall of Fame.

(As a side-quest, see if you can guess which Hall of Fame legendary US outfielder Pete Rose belongs to. Clue: it's not the one you think.)

All-time greats

Inspired by these three great establishments and fuelled by equal measures of alcohol and nostalgia, the powers that be at Steel Media decided to establish a Pocket Gamer Hall of Fame in August 2012.

In this venerable Hall, we celebrate the contribution of brilliant writers who have risen to prominence on these hallowed PG pages and left an indelible impression on the site's readership. A veritable who's who of the mobile games business, if you will.

Without further ado, then, may I present to you the next group of inductees* to be elected into the Pocket Gamer Hall of Fame.

Let's call them 'The Class of 2013'. They'll like that.

Mike Abolins-Farrell

From: Bristol, England
Years active at PG: 2005-2007
Current employer: Nokia
Special skill: Writes stories for the world's biggest Finnish mobile phone maker
Signature story: Mobile games platforms explained
Twitter: @michael_abolins

Owain Bennallack

From: Australia
Years active at PG: 2005-2012
Current employer: The Motley Fool
Special skill: Very good with numbers. Even better with figures
Signature story: iPhone launch hysteria in the US
Twitter: @bennallack

Ed Fear

From: Bristol, England
Years active at PG: 2006-2008
Current employer: Mediatonic
Special skill: Can identify any Lady Gaga song from just the opening bar
Signature story: Final Fantasy
Twitter: @edfear

Matt Sakuraoka-Gilman

From: Malvern, England
Years active at PG: 2011-2012
Current employer: GamesMaster
Special skill: Is fluent in Japanese, English, and Dragon
Signature story: The 20 most memorable portable gaming tunes
Twitter: @gmaniacal

Will Wilson From: Cambridge, England
Years active at PG: 2009-2012
Current employer: NaturalMotion
Special skill: Podcast host extraordinaire
Signature story: Pocket Gamer podcast: Gamescom '12 special
Twitter: @wjfwilson

Stuart Dredge

From: Bishop's Stortford, England
Years active at PG: 2005-2010
Current employer: Freelance
Special skill: Can type, tweet, and edit copy simultaneously
Signature story: Do we really need Twitter in our mobile games?
Twitter: @stuartdredge

Tracy Erickson

From: Oregon, USA
Years active at PG: 2007-2011
Current employer: Unity
Special skill: Can filter the gaming wheat from the chaff blindfolded
Signature story: Dead Space for iPhone was almost an on-rails shooter
Twitter: @tracyerickson

Fraser MacInnes

From: Orkney Islands, Scotland
Years active at PG: 2005-2010
Current employer: Danke Games
Special skills: Boundless enthusiasm and slight madness (Mr One Thumb?)
Signature story: Top ten Xbox Live Arcade games that should be ported to the iPhone
Twitter: @frasermacinnes

Ben Maxwell

From: Bristol, England
Year active at PG: 2010
Current employer: Edge
Special skill: A social ninja with unbridled creativity
Signature story: FarmVille iPhone diary: Day one on the farm
Twitter: @iamthemanta

Keith Stuart From: Frome, England
Years active at PG: 2006-2009
Current employer: The Guardian
Special skill: Relentless niceness
Signature story: Big Brain Academy
Twitter: @keefstuart

*Yep, you guessed it: there WILL be even more.

Wondering about who might make it into the Hall of Fame in the future? Check out our current superstar roster here.