Those of you too afraid to walk into a Games Workshop will be able to get your fill of turn-based Warhammer fun next Spring thanks to Rodeo Games's newly revealed Universal iOS game Warhammer Quest.

Rodeo Games latest will be a top-down turn-based strategy based on the 1995 board game that will have you questing with four characters in search of every warlock's favourite things: immeasurable wealth and power.

As the first ever Warhammer game for a mobile device it's likely to have quite a bit of fan pressure weighing heavy on its shoulders.

These fans might be encouraged to know that, while the teaser trailer below isn't exactly the finest out there, Warhammer Quest will be running on the same engine as the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Hunters 2.

The team at Rodeo Games will be presenting an early version of the game during the UK Games Day held at the Birmingham NEC on Sunday 23rd September.

Rodeo Games

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