Despite being released less than six weeks ago, Rovio's latest physics-puzzler Amazing Alex has amassed a library of over 100,000 user-generated levels.

Though the game has a robust single-player campaign, many industrious players have chosen to pour their time into the built-in level editor.

This feature proved popular from the moment Amazing Alex hit the app stores, with 3,500 fan-made levels appearing within the first 48 hours, and over 25,000 within the first week.

While you've churning out the levels, we at the Amazing Alex Hub have been sorting through the ever-growing pile of clever contraptions, and shining a spotlight on our favourite creations.

If you haven't seen any these cherry-picked offerings yet, here's a collection of 5 of our favourite levels, plus our most recent Level of the day, Disco stars.

Remember, you can submit your own levels to us by posting them in our forum, or pasting the link directly into the comments section below.