FarSight Studios, developer of Pinball Arcade for iOS, Android, and PS Vita, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help procure the licence for the famous Star Trek: The Next Generation table.

Having successfully raised $77,500 to fund the digitisation of The Twilight Zone pinball table, the cabinet recreation veterans have returned to Kickstarter with the aim of recreating what no developer has recreated before: the Williams TNG pinball table.

This beloved table was designed by pinball wizard Steve Ritchie back in 1993, and is currently rated as the second-most popular table of all time on the Internet Pinball Database.

A worthy enterprise

The FarSight team is looking for $45,000 to license the Star Trek property, the TNG series, and cover clearances for the actors' likenesses and voices.

It's been five days since the page launched and the pledge total is already over $26,000 dollars, so it looks like Pinball Arcade fans will get the chance to engage with this design classic soon enough.

If you want to add your own Federation credits to the cause, set your phasers to 'fun' and transport yourself to the Kickstarter page now.

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