Can't get enough Angry Birds? Wish you could hurl disgruntled fowl at thieving piggies while simultaneously celebrating international holidays?

Well, you're in luck, because Rovio has bundled the iconic images of numerous yearly hols - from Halloween to Christmas - into bonus batches of Angry Birds levels. It's called Angry Birds Seasons.

The latest update is something of a downer. It reminds us that summer is coming to an end, and we'll all* be going back to school soon. But, don't get too depressed - this bumper Seasons pack might just cheer you up.

It comes with 20 stages, featuring scholastic sights like books, blackboards, apples, and teachers. And you can exact your revenge on these educational establishments by slamming angry birds into them.
You'll also meet Pink Bird - a girly birdy who can seriously disrupt the pigs' fortresses.

When fired, you can tap the screen to make her blow a number of bubbles. Anything caught in these bubbles - including pigs and any level-building material - will momentarily float into the air, then crash back down to earth.

You can use this technique to drop bits of masonry on a pig's head. You can also use it to lift up the corner of a structure, but blocks that are buried under too much rubble will refuse to budge.

*Well. Not all of us. We've got jobs and stuff. But you catch our drift.

video guides

Knowing exactly where to place a bird, or which TNT boxes to weed out, or which order to take out the pigs, is no easy task. Luckily, there are some ninja-like 'Birds fans who know the secrets to getting three stars.

If you're stuck on a particularly tough stage, just watch the pros in action at the links below (more to come).

Back to School levels 1-1 to 1-20 golden eggs

There's only one Golden Egg to hunt down in Back to School, and it's pretty easy to find. Once it's yours, an egg will appear on the screen to the right of this season's level list. Tap it to play a fun bonus level.

angry-birds-school-ge-1 Golden Egg 1 (Level 1-13)

This golden egg may be out in the open for all to see, but actually collecting it is no easy task. First of all, bounce a bird off the corner of the structure on the right so that he takes out the hanging "ABC" book.

This will cause a stone to appear on the left of the stage. Now, fire a bird backwards at a very small angle so it essentially rolls down the wooden platform. The bird should bounce off the stone and crack the egg.

Golden Egg 2 angry-birds-school-ge-2

To get this egg, you'll need to earn three stars on all stages in the Back to School theme for Angry Birds Seasons. Good luck!

Pocket Gamer's Guide to Angry Birds Seasons

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