New Star Soccer is back on the App Store after July's temporary suspension, and it's just received what may be its most feature-packed update yet.

Update 1.17 reinstates the features which were added in the game's defective July update (which caused the game to be pulled from the App Store).

On top of the new corner and crossing opportunities, then, you can now deck out your team in a variety of new kit styles, watch post-match interviews, and head to the casino to bet on the horses.

Back of the net!

New Star Games has also included a netful of fixes, addressing everything from malfunctioning relationship meters and passing achievements to the removal of snow conditions from tropical countries.

Keen players might notice a slight reduction in the number of implausibly huge scorelines, too, and a match rating system that's a little kinder to shots which are on target.

You can download New Star Soccer from the App Store right now for absolutely nothing.

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