Media Molecule, the creators of the quirky and lighthearted LittleBigPlanet franchise announced a new intellectual property for the PlayStation Vita at Gamescom.

The new game, Tearaway, has the player assume the role of a benevolent God in a world of paper. You've got to help the game's hero, Iota, deliver a message from his in-game world to the real world outside of it.

Tearaway makes full use of the Vita’s input options (particularly the rear touch pad and microphone) and allows players to manipulate, alter, and otherwise interact with the world of the paper hero below them.

Drum, punch, and blow

In the course of playing a level in Tearaway, players will drum their fingers against the Vita’s rear touchpad to reverberate on-screen drums. This reverberation is necessary to propel Iota onto hard-to-reach platforms.

When Iota is threatened with enemies, a firm poke on the back panel brings the player's finger literally into the game as it tears through the floor and wrecks havoc on those who stand in the way of Iota’s quest.

To fully appreciate the inventiveness that Media Molecule put into this game, you’ll have to watch the (gorgeous) trailer below.

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