Earlier this week, Rovio batted its pink eyelashes at the world to tease a new, presumably female Angry Birds character.

While we were spot on in identifying the bird as a female (our third grade teachers would be so proud!), we might have been a bit off in conjecturing that she would show up in Angry Birds Space.

Rovio took to its Twitter late Tuesday night to announce that it will add the pink bird to Angry Birds Seasons.

A bit of bubbly

While Rovio was mum in revealing more details about the new bird with candy floss pink feathers, it released a video showing her unique ability to blow bubbles.

Whether this new power will makes its way into Angry Birds Seasons or whether it was added for the sake of the video remains unknown, but fans can expect the pink bird to pop up in the near future as part of a teased 'back to school' installment.

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