The weekly sales figures from Japan are in, and they paint a grim picture for Sony.

Sales of the PS Vita continued to decline, falling roughly 10 per cent from 9,081 units sold last week to 8,203 sold between July 30th and August 5th.

Sales of Sony’s PSP also took a downward turn yet it still managed to outsell the Vita, falling 14.5 per cent from 14,029 units sold to 11,989.

Although difficult to quantify, it’s easy to undertstand how the news about Sony’s shaky Q1 profits did little to encourage consumers.

Never count Nintendo out

The 3DS sales for the same period nearly halved, falling 49.5 per cent from 235,974 units sold to 118,786. This steep drop-off was expected, as last week’s sales were heavily inflated by the release of the new 3DS XL.

On the software side of the sales, the DS and 3DS combined to hold 5 out of the 10 top spots with New Super Mario Bros. 2 coming in at #2. The sole PSP or PS Vita game in the top 10 was Digimon World Redigitize, which came in at #8.

The top-selling game for the week was Dragon Quest X for the venerable Wii, which is not altogether surprising given the Dragon Quest-crazed populous of Japan.