Due to their sluggish nature and awkward looks, turtles aren't seen as particularly dynamic creatures. However, the same can't be said of the specimen featured in Shellrazer - instead of subscribing to the typical turtle stereotype, this reptile has something of a mean streak.

Given that this lumbering colossus inhabits a brutal fantasy world dominated by vengeful goblins, such a hardy temperament is a must. It's your job to guide the war turtle through each of the game's levels, directing his weapons, controlling his speed, and generally making sure that he gets to the finish line in one piece.

Turtle power

Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, and you can upgrade them to improve their power and accuracy. Your default weapon is a machine gun, but you can unlock shotguns, missiles, and even a wizard capable of hurling bolts of lightning at the oncoming goblin ranks.

The turtle moves automatically, but you can speed up his progress by tapping his feet. Weapons are controllable two ways: you can either touch the weapon you wish to fire and then drag your finger to aim, or you can using two fingers - one to select the weapon and the other to pick where your shot will land.

With a variety of goblin air and ground units to tackle - all of which become increasingly resilient as the game progresses - Shellrazer poses a stern challenge. Thankfully, you can purchase one-use items to even the odds, as well as special ability-modifiers that boost your armour or increase your weapon efficiency.

Shelling out

It's fitting that Shellrazer features such a hardy central protagonist, as the game itself is almost invulnerable to criticism. Everything seems to click - the visuals are fantastic, the rock soundtrack is perfectly suited to the action, and the RPG-style gameplay is addictive and compelling.

If you were feeling particularly mean criticise Shellrazer for repetition - the core gameplay rarely changes - but it's a moot point as the game is riveting no matter how many times you do the same thing.

Some may find the challenge too daunting or the fantasy setting too unwelcoming for their personal tastes, but on the whole Shellrazer does so much right that it deserves to be played by as many people as possible.