A new week, a new physical controller for smartphones.

Last week saw the iPhone-based Bladepad turn to Kickstarter for funding, so this week it seems fitting that Android phones are getting some attention with the new GameKlip.

Unlike the Bladepad, which is a standalone controller, the GameKlip requires you to have a spare PlayStation 3 Sixaxis Controller and a means of controlling your Android Phone with said controller.

So if it provides neither the controller nor the software you may well be wondering what, exactly, is the GameKlip?

Essentially, it is a clip to anchor your Android phone to your PS3 controller.

Klipped Wings

The potential to control an Android phone with a Sixaxis Controller has always existed, but recent apps like Sixaxis Controller ($1.99 / £1.49) have made the process of syncing the two rather simple.

GameKlip extends the symbiotic syncing process and creates a physical union between the phone and controller, allowing for a rather elegant gaming experience that does not require a tabletop stand or freestanding display base.

The GameKlip is available in wired ($23.00 / £15.99) and wireless ($15.00 / £10.49) models, and is custom made to fit the following Android devices:

  • Galaxy SIII (All Variants)
  • Galaxy SII (Epic 4G Touch, Sprint)
  • Galaxy SII (Skyrocket, AT&T)
  • Galaxy SII (International)
  • Galaxy Nexus (HSPA+)
  • Galaxy Nexus (LTE)
  • Galaxy Note (AT&T)
  • HTC Evo 4G LTE (Sprint)
  • HTC One X (All Variants)
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