Those of you pocket gaming generals out there with razor-sharp eyesight will have no doubt spotted in the App Store description for Great Big War Game that Rubicon's latest title is set to receive a load of new content.

This Silver Award-winning strategy game - the sequel to Great Little War Game - only invaded the App Store on July 17th, yet it's already been updated a couple of times.

However, it's the next update Rubicon has planned - which is looking like the largest hitherto - that we are most interested in.


If you were daunted by the difficulty of the game, then the new Novice mode should be right up your street. Well, battlefield.

In addition to squashing a few pesky bugs related to the online component of the game and introducing Win and Lose rating penalties for timed-out online matches, Rubicon is also planning on dishing out some new maps. Three freebies and three for each map pack, to be precise.

Great Big War Game is a Universal app, is priced £1.99 / $2.99, and is available on the App Store right now.

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