Already managed to catapult your way through the 20 fresh Utopia levels Rovio introduced to Angry Birds Space in its latest feather-flinging update?

If so, you're probably eager to read about the details of the Finnish developer's next planned refresh for Angry Birds Space, which is expected to flap onto the App Store and Google Play sometime this autumn.

Why read when you can watch a vid, though?

To that end, Rovio - in collaboration with NASA - has created a short teaser video for its forthcoming Angry Birds Space update. In the clip, Rovio reveals that the fling-'em-up franchise will soon visit our universe's infamous red planet: Mars.

Out of this world

The video details the 352-million-mile journey of the Mars Curiosity Rover that's expected to land on the Red Planet in just three days' time.

After the video then switches to footage of Mars, a large bird's shadow passes over a patch of ice that's been discovered lying on the planet's surface.

"It's great to be working with NASA again. We are as excited as they are for the Mars Curiosity Rover landing, and can't wait to see the footage on this weekend!," Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio's very own Mighty Eagle, said.

To see the video for yourself, check out the exclusive video link on the Angry Birds Space Hub.