It must be hard to be as amazing as Alex. You can't walk down the street without people asking you build bizarre contraptions out of random household items.

That said, there are some Amazing Alex fans who are so keen to follow in their hero's footsteps that they create levels so fiendish, inventive, or downright tough that even the game's makers sit up and take notice.

To give you an example of what it takes to get featured on the Amazing Alex Shared Levels page, here are five examples of levels which Rovio has deemed worthy our attention.

Level: Pipe Organ
Author: Resseguie

Not so much a puzzle as an engineering masterpiece, this level is as impressive to the eye as it is taxing on the brain.


Level: Free at Last
Author: Planetska

Untethering the RC car is the key to getting all three stars here. Don't ask us how, though.


Level: Hadron Collider
Author: Archyteutis

This magnet-powered mind bender won't unlock the mysteries of the universe, but it will teach you a thing or two about gravity.


Level: Rapunzel
Author: Tacoburger

Her hair isn't all that long, but this stranded maiden still need your help. Hint: get her on the rebound.


Level: Up&Down
Author: Archyteutis

The second entry from Archyteutis requires some deft slingshot work to gain top marks. Also: I wonder where those pipes go?


Remember, if you want to submit your own levels to the Amazing Alex Hub, just head over to our dedicated sharing page and post a link to your level in the comments section.

Share something special, and who knows - next time, it could be your level in the spotlight!