The early 1990s were a golden age for real-time strategy games. Blizzard released Warcraft in 1994, Westwood’s Command and Conquer rolled out in 1995, and in the UK The Bitmap Brothers released the classic Z in 1996.

Of these three, Z is the only one to make it to mobile - at least in its original form, and following up its iOS debut, it now deploys onto Google Play.

Released as Z Origins, the RTS port captures the strategy gameplay and iconic comedy that helped make Z a successful – if cult - RTS hit.

Red vs. Blue, the early years

Dispatching with political pretense, the plot of Z Origins is a rather simple one: red robots war against blue robots in an attempt to colonise different planets.

The strategy element of Z Origins, however, is anything but simple. Featuring a complex (for the 1990s) computer AI, its levels require a certain level of both forethought and malice to complete.

Unlike tank-rushing or archer walls in other RTS games of the age, Z Origins does not have a surefire tactic to deal with hordes of enemies that blithely wander up to your base and wait to be killed.

Every map and every battle will require players to think creatively and customize their strategy to deal with the problems presented by the game.

Z Origins is available for $2.99/£1.99.

Google Play: Z Origins