It's Friday. That's our one and only excuse for bringing you the following Angry Birds-related news story. Got it? Then, we shall begin...

The world's biggest Angry Bird picture has just been revealed in the shape of a maze made out of, er, maize. And, no, you haven't collapsed at your keyboard through heat exhaustion, and this isn't some weird dream.

Sussex farmer Stuart Beere runs the Summer Maze Park at Tulleys Farm near Crawley. Being a self-professed Angry Birds fan (even farmers get bored at work, you know), he decided to create a giant maze inspired by Rovio's hit game.

The result: 3.5 miles of twisting paths, with a giant flying bird at one end and the words 'Angry' and 'Birds' bookending it all. There are also Angry Birds characters dotted throughout the maze. If you manage to find them all, you could win a prize.


As for those headline claims, Beere reveals: "We think it's the biggest Angry Bird ever created. I've applied to Guinness World Records and hope to find out later this summer if it makes it into the record books as the World's Biggest Angry Bird."

Fingers crossed. We suppose.

The Angry Birds Maize Maze at Tulleys Summer Maze Park is open daily until September 9th.

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