For a new puzzler to enjoy any degree of success on Apple's ultra-competitive App Store, it probably requires three things: accessibility, innovation, and some serious word-of-mouth marketing.

Radiangames's latest game, Slydris, which is scheduled to drop on iOS this Thursday, is the next in line to try and make an impression on the App Store's Puzzle chart.

While at first glance Slydris appears to be just another block-shifting Tetris clone, you'll soon discover it possesses a rather neat twist. You have to move the blocks in Radiangames's title sideways in order to create full lines and score points, you see. If a block has nothing under it, it will fall.

However, every time you move a block, another line will tumble down on top of the pile. It's a race against time, then, if you will.

Boasting Game Center leaderboards and achievements, Retina display support, and iCloud integration, Slydris will be landing on the App Store on Thursday July 26th, priced £1.49 / $1.99. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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