It's time for the 'Winningest' [sic] sale ever, according to EA Mobile.

For US iPhone and iPad owners, the company has slashed prices on some of their top franchises and games on the App Store in preparation for the upcoming Olympics.

Whilst the Olympics are in London, the sale is US only at the moment.

Fifa 12
Dead Space (99c)
Burnout Crash (99c)
Mass Effect: Infiltrator (99c)
Monopoly for iPad (99c)
Tetris for iPad (99c)
Fight Night Champion (99c)
Risk: The Official Game for iPad (99c)
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad (99c)
NBA Jam for iPad (99c)
Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition for iPad (99c)
Scrabble (99c)
Scrabble for iPad (99c)
SimCity Deluxe for iPad (99c)