The world got its first glimpse a gesture-controlled version of Angry Birds on Wednesday, when Samsung revealed its ES9000 75-inch LED Smart 3D TV to an expectant crowd.

The launch event, which was held in New York, not only showcased Samsung's enormous webcam-equipped TV, but also gave journos a chance to throw birds at pigs simply by waving their arms in the air.

Judging by the videos which have surfaced, you use a clenched fist to manoeuvre your bird and control the tension of the slingshot.

Then, when you're ready to launch your avian artillery, you simply open your hand to release the slingshot, and watch the carnage unfold.


If you want to own your own controller-free version of Angry Birds, then you'll have to pick up a Samsung ES7000, ES8000, or ES9000 series Smart TV, which start at around $1,299.

The app is free, though. So, you know, there's that.

Check out a video of Angry Birds being played on Samsung Smart TV below (courtesy of the YT channel).

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