Mega-publisher Ubisoft has dropped us a line to let us know about a little garage sale it's hosting on key iOS titles.

Rabbids Go Phone Again [download] and MotoHeroz [download] for iPhone, as well as Rabbids Go HD [download] and MotoHeroz HD [download] for iPad, are all free for the next 48 hours.

Meanwhile, technically impressive Universal smite-'em-up Babel Rising 3D [download] has been reduced to 69p for the same period of time.

Of all the games on offer, we'd point to MotoHeroz as the real steal here. Coming from the developer that gave us the phenomenal Trials HD series on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, RedLynx, it's a highly entertaining platform-racer that earned a PG Silver Award earlier in the year.

Oh, and we should probably mention those Rabbids Go games in more detail. They let you tickle a gurning rabbit. Moving on...

Like we say, this Ubisoft sale will only run until the close of play on Friday, so make like a rabbid and hop along to the App Store.