Alchimia Studios has taken to Kickstarter in an effort to crowdsource funds for its visually arresting debut RPG Echoes of Aeons.

With Echoes of Aeons reportedly taking its lead from classic properties like Secret of Mana and the Final Fantasy series, the team at Alchimia Studios plans to ignore repetitive fetch quests in favour of a largely linear, story-driven campaign.

The dev wants it to be a looker, too. Instead of just clogging up the various app stores with another pixel-art RPG, the team's artists will use frame-by-frame animation to bring an original hand-painted world to life.

Combat will be based around melee and rune-powered magic, and skill trees will be employed to let you advance your character's abilities.

Pledge your allegiance

Alchimia Studios is looking to raise $50,000 by August 17th, and a pledge of $10 or more will net you a copy of the completed game.

If you fancy spending over 20 hours exploring the world pictured in the gallery above, then head over to Echoes of Aeons's Kickstarter page and put your money where your mana is.