Inventive Amazing Alex fans have managed to knock up a library of over 25,000 user-created levels - all in under a week.

In addition to the 100 levels of contraption-based mayhem available in the Amazing Alex campaign mode, Rovio equipped its latest physics-puzzler with a built-in level editor.

This allows you to let your imagination run wild, and concoct your own fiendish brainteasers for others to solve.

Level up

Within 48 hours of Amazing Alex hitting the various app stores, there was over 3,500 levels-worth of user-generated content available on Rovio's Level's Shared page.

Since then, the rate of production has increased to over 5,000 new levels / day, in the process creating a thriving community of keen architects.

We at the Amazing Alex Hub believe that users deserve recognition for their work, and will be shining a spotlight on some of the best fan-made levels in our own feature very soon.

In the meantime, head over to our dedicated forum page and share your own inventions with the Amazing Alex Hub community.

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