Amazing Alex may have only been available for a day and a half, yet eager fans of the game have already uploaded more than 3,500 of their own levels to share with the community.

Following the trials of a young boy who loves to build Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions, Rovio's latest physics-puzzler Amazing Alex delivers 100 levels of controlled chain reaction fun.

However, the game also contains a level editor, which allows you to engineer, test, and share your own clever creations with the Amazing Alex community.

A quick glance at the official Amazing Alex level sharing site shows nearly 400 pages-worth of fan-made content has already been uploaded since yesterday's launch, amounting to over 3,500 levels for wannabe engineers to work through.

Share with us

If you want to see your own work on the Amazing Alex site, check out our comprehensive level editing guide, which will walk you through all the steps required to create and upload your own unique levels.

Also, if you're especially proud of your level and fancy sharing it directly with the Amazing Alex Hub community, copy the link address from the Levels Shared site and post it in our dedicated forum thread for all to see.