Rovio has updated its recently released Amazing Alex game to fix the Game Center login issue that was plaguing some of the title's users yesterday afternoon.

Shortly after the launch of the Finnish dev's latest physics-puzzler, reports from frustrated players began to surface online, most notably in a number of 1- and 2-star reviews on the App Store.

As it turns out, players trying to log in to Apple's Game Center network via Amazing Alex's menu were being told that their new game was "not recognised" by the social platform.

For some users, the error prevented them from playing the game altogether, sending the game into a feedback loop, and, in a few cases, causing it to crash completely.

Problem solved

Thankfully, Rovio immediately responded to disappointed customers via Twitter, promising that a new Amazing Alex build would be issued "soon".

In actual fact, the bug-fixing Amazing Alex App Store update went live late yesterday evening, only hours after the issue was raised.

Feedback on version 1.0.1 is positive, for it looks like the Game Center compatibility issue has been resolved - without the need to build an elaborate solution out of pipes, boxing gloves, and billiard balls.

Amazing Alex fans can head over to the App Store now to grab the update.