Rovio's newest physics-puzzler Amazing Alex is finally here, and is enjoying a lot of positive feedback from customers who are already busy completing the challenges and building their own levels.

However, some users have reported issues when trying to login into social platform Game Center though Amazing Alex's menu.

When attempting to connect with other gamers via the platform, some socially-minded folks are being greeted with the message "This game is not recognised by Game Center".

In some cases, the error messages continues to pop-up throughout the game, ruining the experience for the afflicted.

Problem solving

However, Rovio has been quick to respond, and has been reaching out to assure Amazing Alex fans that a fix is already on the way.

"We have submitted a build to Apple so it should be fixed soon," Rovio announced via Twitter earlier this afternoon.

In the meantime, the Finnish-based dev suggests affected mobile gamers should switch to Flight Mode as a temporary solution to their woes.

We'll be sure to update you as soon when the new Amazing Alex build is live.

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