Later this month, Angry Birds will be swooping onto Samsung Smart TVs, complete with new gesture-based controls.

Up to this point, the aggressive avians have been flung onto pretty much every device with a screen. In fact, I'm currently playing Angry Birds Space on my thermostat with my weaker typing hand.

However, if you happen to own an ES7000, ES8000, or ES9000 series Samsung Smart TV, then you'll be able to catapult birds at piggies by waving your hands in the air before the month is out.

Coming in to land

According to Samsung, it's been working with Rovio to adapt its hugely successful franchise to work with motion recognition technology since late last year.

Though we don't have a precise launch date yet for Angry Birds on Samsung Smart TVs, we do know the game will appear on Sammy's connected TVs sometime this month via the Samsung TV App Store.

It will be followed by the on-demand debut of the Angry Birds animated series, available via VoD.

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