Andreas Illiger's Tiny Wings HD has just landed on the New Zealand App Store, meaning it'll be winging its way over to the UK and US from midnight tonight.

Rather than being just a higher-resolution version of the original Tiny Wings, this HD edition introduces a number of new modes into the mix.

The new mode that's likely to cause the biggest stir is multiplayer, which sees two birds take to the skies in a split-screen attempt to beat the setting sun.

There are also four characters to pick from now, so if you fancy being an orange bird, knock yourself out.

Keep flying

Also introduced in this new version is a 15-level Flight School mode, which will hopefully train up prospective flyers in the art of dipping into inclines to produce the maximum lift.

There are two other game modes, entitled Day Trip and Hill Party, to sing your beak into, too, although the app description doesn't really go into much detail on these two modes.

Pocket Gamer has learnt that the original iPhone version of the game will also be updated shortly, and will contain at least some of the new iPad version's features (though probably not the split-screen multiplayer).

We'll let you know about the new features in the iPhone version once the update goes live in New Zealand.

Tiny Wings HD is out on iPad from tomorrow, priced at £1.99 / $2.99.