If you were a fan of the well-received 2.5D game Hyperlight, then CatfishBlues has made it its mission to make your summer.

Forecast to go live on the App Store and Google Play at the "end of the summer" (which never really starts in the UK), Hyperwave is described by its developer as a successor, rather than a sequel, to Hyperlight. We're not entirely sure why.

CatfishBlues does note that Hyperwave will be aesthetically similar to Hyperlight, and that it will feature a "spectacular" power-up system, tonnes of weapons, and special assistant droids to help you on your way.

Hyperwave will be available on iOS and Android later on this summer. No news on a price tag, though. Stay tuned to Pocket Gamer for details as and when they arrive.

Screenshots above taken from Hyperlight.