Toy Studio and Mojo Bones are working together on a new puzzle-filled title for the iPhone and iPad called The Curse, which will pit you against the Mannequin - a mischievous adversary whom you inadvertently release into the world.

To send him packing, you have to use your logic, memory, and reflex skills to solve puzzles and brainteasers from ten different categories. There are a total of 100 different enigmas to solve - all of which can be attempted in whatever order you see fit.

"We've always been excited by the idea of taking a popular genre and trying to deliver it in a unique way," Stuart Ryall, Mojo Bones's director, said.

"With The Curse we have something that's presented as much more than just a collection of puzzles - with its engaging story and interesting lead character - and we can't wait to see what people think."

The Curse will be released for iPhone and iPad this summer, and will make its way to Google Play, Amazon's Appstore for Android, and the Nook Marketplace sometime afterwards.

While you wait, head on over to The Curse's website. You can win a gift card worth $100 by solving the hidden puzzles around the site.

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