Nintendo is releasing photo editing suite Sparkle Snapshots 3D on the eShop this Thursday.

Though pictures captured with the software can't actually be displayed in 3D (?!?), users can add three-dimensional borders, backgrounds, and objects to their photographic masterpieces.

You'll have to cough up £4.50 to put Sparkle Snapshots 3D through its paces. Oh, and an extra 90p each for the Mario Core Set and Mario Kart 7 Set DLC.

Going Topoloco

If you're more interested in canyons than cameras, however, then you might want to check out Topoloco, the educational topography title from Abstraction Games.

In this title, available for £4.50 on DSiWare, Professor Topoloco guides you through five continents-worth of interactive terrain training to prepare you for that all-important final exam.

99Seconds to go

And for fans of all things 8-bit, time-distorting arcade distraction 99Seconds will be heading onto the Nintendo eShop this Thursday, priced at £1.80.

In 99Seconds, which follows on from the events of 99Bullets, blocky hero V-99 must overcome the villainous Black Vectors by manipulating time itself - even stopping it entirely, if necessary.

Finally, the first DLC songs for indieszero and Square Enix's musical spin-off Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be available in the shape of four brand-new tracks. Each song will retail for 90p.

All of the abovementioned games and DLC will be available on Nintendo's eShop from this Thursday.