Playing Frisbee Forever 2 is almost entirely unlike playing with a real frisbee.

It's a game about collecting stars (which never happens in real life), effortlessly sailing through floating hoops (which never happens in real life), and crashing into sheep (which, to be fair, sometimes happens in real life).

It also offers a sense of progression and achievement, which is about as far from the real frisbee experience as it's possible to get.

You'll spin your frisbee across six different worlds, each containing ten levels. Each level starts when you release your frisbee by drawing a line across the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Spin when you're winning

It doesn't make a blind bit of difference how accurately you draw your line. Speed is barely a consideration, either. This game isn't about the initial toss - it's about steering your flying object through the air, hitting some objects and avoiding others.

To this end you have two control schemes: tilt uses the gyroscope to steer left and right, while tap splits the screen in half to create, in effect, giant 'left' and 'right' buttons. There's no vertical control to your frisbee, so don't even bother trying. Instead, you steer through hoops and across speed paths to stay in the air.

Picking up stars and successfully maneouvering through tight spaces is immensely satisfying. The 3D maps are superbly detailed and extensive, but you're given very little freedom to explore.

Stray at your own peril

Each level's path has an invisible tunnel around it. Stray beyond it in any direction and your frisbee will rapidly lose speed, plunging to the ground with no hope of recovery. Challenges like crashing into sheep do encourage you to explore, but the distance limitation makes this quite frustrating.

To win a gold medal, you need to collect all the stars in a level. Obtaining some won't be possible until you've unlocked certain upgrades for your frisbee, like increasing the range at which you can scoop up your prizes.

These stars are also the in-game currency that you use to buy upgrades, unlock new worlds, and buy new styles of frisbee - some of which are surprisingly entertaining.

Frisbee 2 is a wonderful game to wile away five or ten minutes. It won't change your life, but it's nevertheless a highly polished, fun, and challenging casual effort.