Wouldn't it be cool if you could create your own Nintendo DSi and 3DS games and share them with your friends?

Petit Computer lets you do exactly that, although the results are a bit, well, basic... mainly because the download uses the BASIC programming language, which came to prominence in the late '70s and '80s with the explosive growth of the home PC.

Five games and 12 sample programs are supplied with Petit Computer so that you can see how it all work. You're then given a character picture tool, a background screen creation tool, a graphics tool, and a picture-drawing tool - easily enough 'material' for you to create your own little masterpieces.

You can even create 8-bit music tracks and sound effects using MML syntax, for that classic retro gaming feel.


If it sounds like you won't be doing anything too fancy, check out this Outrun clone that someone created using it. Nifty stuff.

The best bit about the Petit Computer package, however, is that it's possible to save your creations as QR codes and share them with the world. We will no doubt be showering you with QR codes once the Petit Computer software is available.

Petit Computer will be available for DSiWare at some point in the next couple of months in the US. Fingers crossed, it will be made available in the UK, too.