Gold Award-winning simulation New Star Soccer, which we recently named as one of our top ten foot-to-ball titles on the iPhone and iPad, is making its way to the PS Vita.

Alongside revealing that he would be porting his ace footy sim to Sony's latest handheld console, New Star Soccer developer Simon Read told ElectricPig that another update to the existing smartphone app, in addition to the 'crosses and corners' one, is incoming.

Apparently, on top of the franchise's current features, you'll soon be able to buy and race horses, which is a possible allusion to Michael Owen's and Robbie Fowler's involvement in the Sport of Kings.

Read hasn't actually begun work on the PS Vita version of New Star Soccer yet, mind, so don't get too excited.

"I hope to launch the same game on the PS Vita. I haven't started it yet, but the programming language I use should allow me to do that," he said.

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