DogByte Games, the studio behind the Silver Award-winning slice-'em-up 8bit Ninja, has unleashed a new offroad title on the Google Play Store.

Offroad Legends Free is out now, fully optimised for the Xperia Play, and, to the surprise of nobody whatsoever, costs nothing.

Looking like a Trials HD clone - only with extra wheels and an added sense of whimsy - Offroad Legends Free offers up three different game modes, four types of vehicle, and more than 50 different tracks for you to smash and bash your way through.

Throw in some real-time vehicular damage, leaderboards, and achievements, and you've got a pretty enticing pocket-sized package on / in your hands.

So, if you like your carnage to feature wheels, your physics to be integral, and your pick-up trucks to occasionally have jet packs, you could do a lot worse than head over to the Google Play Store and pick Offroad Legends Free up.

You can do just that by clicking here.