Zynga unveiled details of its new gaming network, Zynga With Friends, at its second annual Zynga Unleashed press event.

The new gaming network is described as being a sort of 'social lobby' where players scattered across various platforms and social networks can meet and compete against one another while reviewing leader boards and game feeds.

While details on the Zynga With Friends network are still being finalized, the implementation would allow players on an iOS device to chat with - and play against- a friend playing the same game on Facebook or Android.

Bring on the synchronicity

Another major announcement from Zynga Unleashed is the boost in support for synchronous multiplayer games. Zynga plans to implement synchronous multiplayer first in its matching game/puzzler Bubble Safari.

This change in focus is a major one for Zynga, which has historically concentrated on asynchronous multiplayer games like Words with Friends.

In the new, real-time mode of Bubble Safari games will be limited to 90 seconds and will also support in-game group chat between players.

Interestingly for developers and gamers alike, Zynga announced that the synchronous multiplayer support will remain a feature of Zynga With Friends from this point forward.