Pokemon Black & White 2 went on sale for the Nintendo DS this week in Japan, and promptly sold 1,618,621 copies in a span of mere hours.

The sales of Pokemon Black & White 2 are noteworthy considering that the game was released on a Saturday, and as a result its 'first week' was comprised of just two days on sale.

Andriasang reports that while the sales of Pokemon Black & White 2 are impressive, they lag behind the tally of the original Pokemon Black & White – which sold 2,637,285 units during a similar two-day period in September, 2010.

Pokemon up

Interest in Pokemon Black & White 2 has been quite strong since the game was announced back in March on the Japanese TV show Pokemon Smash. The storyline picks up roughly two years after the events of the original Black/White titles.

While Nintendo has not provided a firm release date for the European or North American versions of Pokemon Black & White 2, its release is expected some time this autumn.

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