The ridiculously hard-to-put-down New Star Soccer will be getting its first major content update "imminently", with the Android version getting it about a week before the iOS one.

The biggest additions in this update are crosses and corners, which may sound a little odd to those of you out there who have yet to play the Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning footy title.

There are also now deflections and rebounds, as well as post-match interview events and a Club History log, which we presume to mean a record of all the many clubs your star player has turned out for during his career.

The update re-balances the rating system a bit, too, so you won't be given such a harsh rating if you fail to score in a match, and matches won't produce epic scorelines quite as frequently (no more 5-5 draws, then).

New Star Soccer is out now for both Android [download] and iOS [download] for free.

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