Infinity Blade Dungeons is the next instalment in the popular Chair and Epic Games Infinity Blade series for iOS.

As we discovered earlier this year
, Dungeons is looking to move away from the core hack 'n' slash gameplay of previous titles in the franchise, and instead focus on Diablo-style dungeon-crawling.

Epic has admitted, however, that Dungeons wasn't originally going to be part of the Infinity Blade series, and the decision to make it so was made later during the game's development.

The boys dun good

"We did a game jam in the studio where we let a bunch of people self-organise into teams and come up with a week of just working in the engine, seeing what kind of fun things they could make," Epic's development director Rod Fergusson told Game Informer.

"I think it was a group of about seven guys came up with this idea of 'let's do a dungeon crawler'; they started building that up and after the week we kind of reviewed all the different prospects and it sort of resonated within the company."

Partway through development on Dungeons, the team then realised, "why do we need two fantasy IPs? It makes more sense to roll this under the Infinity Blade umbrella." And, thus, Infinity Blade Dungeons was born.

"It's not an evolution of Infinity Blade; it's not the next iteration of Infinity Blade. It's a completely different game," Fergusson added.


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