Adult Swim is quickly building up a reputation as a publisher of finely crafted, addictive high score-chasing titles with a vein of humorous nonsense running through them.

Its latest title, Velocirapture, developed once again by PikPok, carries on that burgeoning tradition with aplomb, telling the tale of how the dinosaurs really became extinct, and delivering a quick-fire arcade gaming experience in the process.

What do you call a half blind dinosaur?

The Rapture has started, and it's up to you to make sure that the righteous get to dino-heaven and the heathens are well and truly smote. Luckily, the dinosaurs you need to save are all green, and the ones you need to keep away from the pearly gates are red.

You need to flick green dinos into the welcoming hand of the lord, which reaches out of the sky at the top of the screen. Red dinos need to be murdered with bolts of lightning, controlled by drawing a line out from the palm of the almighty.

Red dinosaurs will try and leap up to heaven, or disrupt the journeys of your greens, and for every one that makes it, or for every green that you smite accidentally, you'll lose some of your Glory. Lose all of that and it's Game Over.

There are different types of dinosaurs, too - some who chase away the righteous or grab them before they reach the welcoming fingers of the dino-lord, and others who just stand in really awkward positions and make it difficult for you to flick your intended targets.


At the core of the game lies a simple combo system. The more dinosaurs you save and smite, the higher your combo score gets, and the more points you score. Story mode lets you unlock special super-smites that turn your foes to stone, or wash them away with a holy hose.

The only real problem with the game is that it strays a little too close to the easy side of the difficulty line. Things do quite often get a little panicked, but you'll finish all the levels in Story mode without dying once.

Still, Velocirapture is enormous fun, and while it won't keep you coming back again and again the time you do spend with it will be an absolute blast.

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