With human civilisation on the brink of a long-scheduled 2012 collapse, it's fitting that Sony has announced the release of PulzAR - an apocalyptic downloadable Augmented Reality game for PS Vita.

The aim of the game is to destroy asteroids. Calling for the six AR cards that you got with your Vita and then lost in a drawer, PulzAR converts your desk or table into Ground Zero.

As the deadly asteroids approach you have arrange AR cards so that they divert lasers through splitters, reflectors, and filters and into nodes, which power up rockets so they they can take off and eliminate the cosmic threat.

Boasting five stages, each with five increasingly difficult levels, the game throws plenty of meteors at you, and steadily increases the number of nodes you need to power up in order to fire your rockets.

Priced at £1.59, PulzAR is available on the PlayStation Store from today.

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