If you own a HTC One X and notice that your phone is a bit dodgy when it comes to establishing a stable wi-fi or Bluetooth connection, you are not alone.

The Droid Guy is claiming that HTC is to blame for the fault in some cases, as they released The One X with loose antenna connection points.

This hardware flaw causes the phone to drop wi-fi or Bluetooth connections intermittently or in more extreme cases, fail to make them entirely.

The good news is that there are fixes available online, but it is probably safer for both your phone and warranty to contact HTC for a replacement.

Cracking the case

Users over at xda-developers have created a simple test to perform in order to diagnose whether the identified hardware fault is to blame for your One X’s connection problems: squeeze the phone gently (gently!) between the volume buttons and the camera lens.

If the wi-fi signal improves, chances are good that the antenna in the phone is loose.

Recent threads on xda-developers regarding the HTC One X’s hardware fault have ballooned into 50+ pages, indicating the issue is both widespread and well-known.

While many of the posts contain information on solid, do-it-yourself fixes, it is – again – a safer bet to contact HTC for a replacement before you risk voiding your warranty.