Savour this moment. This is the moment you got to find out about swipe magazine. If your life up to now has felt empty, now you know why.

Okay, as a digital publication available on the App Store for iPad (iPhone version coming soon), it's unlikely to rival a box of Oxactin for pure feel-good punch. But it's not far off.

That's because swipe is full of HTML5-powered interactive fun. Plus, it's got the unique, all-conquering 'swipe-o-rate-o-meter' (you'll have to check out swipe's reviews to find out - wouldn't want to spoil the surprise).

But also, because it only focuses on the very best content to be found on the App Store. So every issue is packed with the stuff you should be downloading onto your iDevice.

Amazing Alex world exclusive

So in this first issue, for instance, there's the world exclusive on Rovio's Angry Birds follow-up, Amazing Alex.

Then there's reviews of greatest recent games, a chat with a gaming legend, the Top 10 RPGs, the coolest iPhone/iPad gear, some must-have app suggestions, a discussion on the thorny issue of freemium, and more - you even get a free (digital) gift.

Who decides what the best content is? That's where the iPhone Alliance comes in. The magazine’s content is sourced directly from its members, a collection of the world’s leading independent sites covering the iOS scene (so Pocket Gamer is part of the gang, of course).

Available for free

How much will this bundle of digital fun cost you? Nothing. It's free. And you can check it out now because issue 1 of swipe magazine is available on the App Store (click the button below).

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