The curious side effect of the world and his wife hopping on a plane over to Los Angeles for the planet's largest entertainment expo – known as E3 both for those of us who were there, and for those of us who weren't – is that huge scoops, massive industry shifting developments, are hard to come by.

Who wants to talk shop when no-one's around to listen?

Nonetheless, never sleeps – especially when half the team are away and muggins here if left running the ship. And it's not as if there hasn't been anything important to talk about.

Indeed, while have some have claimed mobile made its first real big splash at E3 this year, it has come around at a time when some former industry giant have futures that look anything but stable. Such tales of woe, naturally, featured heavily during our coverage during the last seven days:

Smartphone wars

Tablet talk

Rovio update

Socially speaking

Microsoft matters

Focus on Facebook

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