Nival Interactive, creator of hit PC games like Heroes of Might and Magic V and Kings Bounty: The Legend, will be plunging into the smartphone arena soon with its first mobile title, Emaki.

Emaki is based off of a mini-game found in the as-yet unreleased Prime World for PC, in which you fire coloured balls to match three of the same shade in a train of spheres descending from the top of the screen.

Or, to put it a little simpler, it’s a Zuma style casual match three title, albeit a rather polished-looking one with a unique twist.

House of paint

This twist comes in the form of the paintings that form each level.

Every matched colour adds paint to sections of the image where said shade is required. So rather than randomly matching up whatever you can hit, your goal is to pick out the exact colours required to finish each picture.

The game marks the first move of what is expected to be about a dozen mobile games from the company due in the near future. We’ll have a hands-on preview of one such title, Prime World: Defenders up on site shortly.

Emaki is expected to land on the App Store within the next few weeks, with the first few levels available as a free download and the full game unlocked through via an in-app purchase.