If you live in the UK and have wanted to visit an Angry Birds theme park, you’ll no longer need to plan a holiday to Finland or China.

The Angry Birds park will be housed at Sundown Adventureland, an amusement park for under-10s in Nottinghamshire.

The Huffingtonpost is reporting that the Finnish Lappset Group (who was responsible for the design of the Finland and China parks) will be designing the £250,000 theme park.

Nesting across the world Similar to the Angry Birds parks which are rolling out across the world, the park will feature spring rides, slides, climbing towers, sand pits, and an outdoor Angry Birds arcade game.

A sample of Lappset's furniture, rides, and playground equipment offerings for Angry Birds activity parks can be seen here. The owners of Sundown Adventureland are also reportedly interested in creating proper Angry Birds themed rides to go along with the theme park, but they have not confirmed how these rides will work.

Here's an artist's impression of what it could look like. Notice tiny Tim in his wheelchair...