The dungeon-crawling RPG Heroes Call has descended into the New Zealand App Store dungeon, meaning it'll be hacking 'n' slashing its way into the UK and US from midnight tonight.

In Heroes Call, you take control of one of two fantasy archetypes - the brave warrior or the tricky mage - and proceed to smash in skulls, take names, and loot equipment from your fallen foes.

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The game promises "visceral combat"; lots of various passive and active skills to use; and over 100 different types of adversary to slaughter.

As you can see from the video below and the screenshots above, it's also quite the looker, calling to mind modern isometric dungeon-crawlers such as current PC darling Diablo III.

We'll see if Heroes Call can answer our demands for high-quality looting and fighting from midnight tonight. Happily, it'll be available as a Universal app for free.

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